Permanent Installations

Iris of Memory

Artist: William Nemitoff

As you move closer to “Iris of Memory,” the light within glows brighter, representing the power of memory to connect us to life, even when someone is no longer physically with us. The glowing bouquet embodies our urban greenscape and the need to protect our local and global environment. The flower is inspired by the Louisiana Iris, which is native to the coastal wetlands and planted nearby in the Greenway bioswales.  

An original artwork commissioned for the Lafitte Greenway by Friends of Lafitte Greenway, Arts Council New Orleans, and NORD with support from Elaine Ravich, the Greg Vorhoff family, and the City of New Orleans Percent for Art Program.

Find me @ The Greenway Plaza at Norman C. Francis Parkway


Turning (Prayer Wheels for the Mississippi River)

Artist: Michel Varisco

Photo Credit: Anna Latoff

Interactive sculpture that explores the influence of the Mississippi in shaping the lived human experience. The first public sculpture to be dedicated to the Greenway. Turning was commissioned by the Arts Council of New Orleans, the City, and featured in Prospect.4 Biennial. 

Find me @ Norman C. Francis Parkway roundabout.



Lafitte, Treme: Between the City and Me

Artists: Keith Duncan & Young Artists Movement (YAM)

Photo Credit: Anna Latoff

A 5-wall mural on the outside of Lemann pool. This piece was driven by a series of community led dialogues about racial reconciliation. The mural was a collaborative piece with Duncan. YAM, Welcome Table New Orleans Mid-City Circle, Prospect New Orleans, and the Arts Council of New Orleans. 

Find me @ N Prieur Street, riverside




Tree of Life 

Artist: Rick Sinnett

This colorful and energetic piece was inspired by the Susie Tree that survived the Oklahoma City Bombing of 1995. The mural was an interactive component of the Walk / Bike / Places Conference that was held in New Orleans in 2018 and was made possible by Sinnett, Massey's Outfitters, and the Project for Public Spaces. 

Find me on the Massey's Outfitters wall @ N. Carrollton Avenue, lakeside


Paul Pogba is Larger than Life

Artist: Brandan 'BMike' Odums 

The mural features soccer superstar, Paul Pogba, of Manchester United and the French National Team. In honor of the World Cup, B-Mike's mural is one of 3 'Larger Than Life' murals nationwide featuring 3 soccer superstars.

Find me @ 2500 St. Louis Street



BMike Mural

Artist: Brandan 'BMike' Odums

This mural showcases the history of the building, New Orleans' Coliseum Arena.

Find me across the baseball field and basketball court on the aluminum building on St. Louis Street

Roger Kramer Memorial Mural 

Artist: Teressa Parod

This mural is inspired by New Orleans's vibrant colors, nature, and the Mississippi River. Read more on our blog here.

Find me on the façade of Bizou Wines and Cellar on St. Louis at 2500 St. Louis Street


Shine Together Mural

Artists: BElite Youth Artists

Anne-Marie Boseman, Feyu Diallo, Cameron Irvin, Carter Maberry, Ryan McCray Smith, Miracle Mckinnies, Kerry Santa Cruze, Miya Scaggs, Astrid Sims, Haywood St. Cyr

Shine Together explores the bold and rich spirit of New Orleans youth, with the bright colors representing their liveliness. The hands symbolize the togetherness we share as a community. BElite hopes this mural radiates the light and energy that connects our city, and helps us continue to Shine Together.

BElite is a youth led art collective consisting of Black New Orleans artists ranging from ages 15-21. BElite’s work is rooted in providing opportunities for young Black creatives in New Orleans to gain experience on producing and managing artistic projects. BElite is the youth-led arm of the non-profit organization Eternal Seeds.


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temporary installations

In addition to these permanent installations, Friends regularly curates temporary exhibits.





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