Join us for Greenway Supernova -- a luminary art exhibit bringing light and life to the Greenway in December 2020 to celebrate the Greenway’s 5th birthday. 


with joy, color, and spectacle at a safe social distance


The annual Soirée party is taking a new shape. This free, safe, and socially distanced outdoor experience will inspire community healing while raising critical funds for the Greenway’s growth in 2021 through sponsorship contributions and individual gifts from Supernova Stars.



Show your support and receive tokens for drinks at bars around the Greenway, exclusive perks at Supernova Star Businesses, brand new Greenway swag, and more.






Iris of Memory (2020)

William Nemitoff

Iris of Memory is an interactive light art installation recognizing the life and contributions of local artist and teacher Deborah Vorhoff. As viewers draw closer to the flower,  the  light  within  glows  brighter,  providing  a  visual  indication  of  the  power  of  memory to connect us to life, even if their presence is no longer physically with us.


Turning: Prayer wheels for the Mississippi River (2017)

Michel Varisco

Featured in the Prospect.4 Biennial and the first public sculpture to be dedicated on the Greenway, Turning blends social and environmental activism with interactive sculpture, where the history of the land itself is an integral component of the piece. Featuring three, 9 foot, stainless steel “prayer wheels,” visitors can spin the cylinders to emit blue light.




For the Culture

Breanna Thompson & Ayo Scott

For the Culture is a projection of Mardi Gras Indian tribe members suspended in space on top of a pedestal. The hologram celebrates the rich culture of Mardi Gras Indians in New Orleans while bringing the media into a more Afro-futuristic context. The pedestal adds another element of light with shadow boxes flanking each side.


Gaia Trail

Breanna Thompson & Gabrielle Tolliver

Gaia Trail is a pathway formed by illuminated large scale crystals. Inspired by the healing powers of nature, this installation is a second iteration by the duo from a show at Studio Be called “Radical Freedom Dream." The crystals are composed of acrylic sheets painted with pigmented resin and create a healing space as viewers walk by. 



Josh Pitts

Ketleflower is a light + sound immersive art installation created with the intention of providing a breath of fresh air and cleansing, an oasis of calm, with a hint of whimsy.  It resembles an 11ft sunflower with seeds of swirling, colorful waves of light combined with an ambient, atmospheric and ethereal music soundtrack. For some, this can provide a breath of fresh air; for others, it's an opportunity for bliss; and for a few, it's an avenue towards introspection and perhaps an emotional connection.


RePainting the Drapes

Josh Smith aka jdot_smith

RePainting is a projection mapping art installation and immersive experience where spectators can be a part of the art. The installation consists of a pipe and draped art/video interactive sculpture with long pieces of painted fabric strategically placed over objects to create a warped surface to project video on. Viewers can stand or sit inside the installation as the video projection washes over each participant while the environment continuously changes.   


ALVEARE Luminoso (Glowing Hive)

Luba Zygarewicz

ALVEARE Luminoso (Glowing Hive) is a SUPER HIVE-like structure that activates the tree canopy and surrounding area through light and movement.   Inspired by the role bees play in sustainability and their complex lives of interdependence for the greater good, this sculpture consists of several vertical layers of hexagons that are suspended from an oak tree and are bathed in amber color light to create a rich ambiance. The multiple acrylic hexagons are individually connected to enhance movement and represent our need for connection, while the fluttering reflections speak of the greater impact we each have on our environment and communities.


Reconnecting to Connect

Monique Lorden

Reconnecting to Connect is inspired by coming together to create change, inspire hope, and honor the city we love. Human bodies formed by LED lights create a flow of motion with a fist or flower in hand progressively moving from hip to upright position. This innovatively shows how New Orleanians come together to create the change we seek. We do it boldly in color, we stand for community, we represent love.


Light in the Woods

Nate Scheaffer

Light the Woods draws awareness to how we all can be more thoughtful in a multi-purposeful way. Made from fabricated neon tubes with spirals, the installation drapes like a tree canopy, flashing and dimming throughout the evening to create a very dramatic lighting experience for viewers to enjoy. The installation allows the viewer to have a calm moment while enjoying a subtle color shift as multiple neon units fade into one another.    


Virtual Krewe of Vaporwave

The Virtual Krewe of Vaporwave (VKV) invented the Virtual Mardi Gras parade in 2016. They have since merged with reality to become New Orleans' favorite purveyor of DIY interactive audiovisual spectacle. VKV is proud to provide production and artist support for Supernova.


Special thanks to our selection committee: Vivian Cahn, Kevin Centanni, Jose Cotto, and Leonetta Terrell.



Supernova supports the New Orleans businesses that make the Greenway shine, year in and year out.

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a devastating effect on the Greenway’s business community. Supernova is designed to drive foot-traffic and customers to the local businesses that make the Greenway great. Your donation to the Greenway Supernova helps the Greenway grow in 2021, and includes Doubluminaries to exchange at participating local businesses. 




Local businesses help the Greenway thrive! See our list of Star Businesses, where you can exchange your doubluminaries for exclusive perks from December 1st to January 15th.

Want to see your business listed here? Apply to join our stellar lineup by November 20th here.



Help make Supernova a success! We're looking for volunteers to support staff at the Greenway tent selling Greenway merch and distributing doubluminaries, and reminding attendees to keep a safe social distance. Can you help out?


Supernova is an outdoor, socially distanced art exhibit. All attendees are required to wear a mask and keep a safe social distance from others. Exhibits are spread out to allow for adequate social distancing. Learn more about our safety protocols here.




Thank you to our sponsors for lighting the way!

- GOLD -


Ellen & Steve Frischhertz
Pres Kabacoff
Elaine Ravich
The Greg Vorhoff Family


Caire Restaurant Supply
Dorothy Clyne
First Bank & Trust Co.
Green Coast Enterprises
Susan & Hervin Guidry
HEY Coffee Co.
Mid-City Messenger
Urban Properties


Atlas Greenway Partners
Jazmin Castillo
Neel Choudhury
Concordia, LLC
Debbie de la Houssaye & Lake Douglas
Shaun and Foster Duncan
Councilmember Joe Giarrusso III
Susan & Jimmy Gundlach
Scott & Cher Harris
Hopper Family Fund
Meredith Lakey
The Mena Law Firm
Brenda & Michael Moffitt
Resource Bank
Andrew Ryan
Carla Seyler & Mark Winter
Shibusa Systems, LLC
Bill Soniat
Spackman Mossop Michaels
Lu Stand & James Gravois
Jennifer & Erich Weishaupt



Special thanks to the Supernova Planning Committee:

Vivian Cahn, Kevin Centanni, Ellen Frischhertz, Misty Frye, Susan Guidry, Antonia Keller, Mike Leitzinger, Monty Lunn, Nicole Reeder, Lara Schaberg, Carla Seyler, Darby Shields, Camly Tram, Nellie Catzen, Tayler Harrison, and Sophie Vorhoff