Lafitte Greenway Plaza

We're working to bring more life to underutilized areas of the Lafitte Greenway; especially between N Broad St. and the Bayou St. John. With support of the Clarity Parks Project, a partnership of Project for Public Spaces and Claritin® Friends and NORD built a pedestrian plaza where the Greenway meets the Bayou in Mid-City. Learn more here.


Trail Completion

The Greenway currently ends in Mid City, a half-mile short of it's intended trailhead. Connecting the Greenway to the Canal Transit Hub would promote greater transportation connectivity, increase recreational and physical exercise opportunities, provide expanded greenspace and stormwater management infrastructure, and promote economic development of currently underutilized space. Learn more about our "Let's Complete the Greenway" campaign here. 


Trail-Oriented Development (TROD)

Working with developers, community, and city leaders. Friends strives to educate land-owners and developers, and advocate for high-quality trail-oriented design on private property along the Greenway. Learn more here


Safety & Connectivity

Friends works with our municipal and community partners to ensure the Greenway as a transportation route that safely connects neighborhoods and locations along it. We advocate for high-quality safe, easy, and accessible bike, pedestrian, and transit connections and related funding and policies to and from the Greenway. 


Environmental Stewardship

Working with NORD and our partners at the City, Friends works to ensure high-quality operations and maintenance of Greenway landscaping including stormwater management features. We work to identify stewardship needs and support with volunteers and technical assistance. Sign up to volunteer here.


Housing Affordability

Friends is committed to working with partners and stakeholders to ensure that existing residents in the Lafitte Greenway neighborhoods can continue to live in their neighborhoods and that high-quality, safe, and accessible housing, affordable to individuals and families of all income levels, is available throughout the Greenway neighborhoods. We support public policies and financial tools that promote housing equity and affordability. Read our affordable housing stance here. 

Arts & Cultural Activation

Friends works with our community partners to activate the Greenway with arts and culture by bringing events, programming, and temporary and permanent installation to the space. Learn more here