New N. Carrollton HAWK signals LIVE!

Crossing the Greenway at North Carrollton has just gotten much safer.

As of this week, there are new pedestrian hybrid beacons (HAWK signals) at this intersection.  When activated by pedestrians/cyclists, the lights will flash yellow– alerting drivers to slow down– then turn to a solid red light, like a standard red light. Motorists are required to come to a full stop to allow pedestrians and cyclists to safely cross the street.

Drivers and pedestrians will notice that the new system is currently operating in a flashing mode. This is intended to alert motorists of the presence of the new beacon. The new beacon will be fully operational on Monday, October 16. Until then, pedestrians and bikers should continue to use the existing rapid flashing beacons that are still in place.  

“These new crosswalk lights will make crossing North Carrollton safer for Greenway users, RTA riders, pedestrians, and families,” said Jason Neville, Executive Director of Friends of Lafitte Greenway. “We appreciate the hard work of the Department of Public Works’ Mobility and Safety Division and Councilmember Joe Giarrusso’s office for their leadership in bringing the first HAWK signal in Louisiana to the Lafitte Greenway.”

The Lafitte Greenway is the city’s most-used bicycle route, with nearly 1,000 daily users.  One of the biggest requests from Greenway users is improved safety at dangerous intersections like Carrollton Avenue, Broad Street, and Claiborne Avenue.  This project is helping set a precedent for safer crossings that will reduce injuries and fatalities for pedestrians and cyclists throughout the city, including a planned HAWK beacon at the Broad Street Greenway Crossing.



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