Let's Complete the Greenway!



Our Goal:

To complete the Lafitte Greenway's final 1/2 mile from Mid-City to Lakeview, as defined in the City's Lafitte Greenway Master Plan. Today, the Lafitte Greenway ends short of the planned Canal Boulevard Lakeview Trailhead.

What is the Lafitte Greenway?

The Lafitte Greenway is a bicycle and pedestrain trail and greenspace, opened in 2015, that provides a safe path for travel from Mid-City to the French Quarter. 300,000 people use this converted rail corridor annually.

Why isn't it complete?

There is active rail on the final 1/2 mile section. With City leadership and railroad partnership, we can complete the Greenway trail alongside the railroad -- "a rails-with-trails" model, used nationwide.

Why now?

A new City administration creates new opportunities to find leadership for this effort, at a time when the railroad has also opened the door to negotiations.

What are the benefits?

  • Provides a safe bicycle and pedestrian path for travel to schools, grocery stores, playgrounds, businesses, and to the French Quarter & CBD.
  • Encourages healthy physical activity, and increases recreation options.
  • Includes sustainable stormwater management features
  • Provides connection to Cemeteries Transit Center


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Trail Extension Letter of SupportFor neighborhood associations, businesses, and stakeholder groups