Derek Wilson is one of our Greenway Ambassadors. Born and raised in New Orleans he is excited to be involved with the Greenway. Derek walks on the Greenway about 2-3 times a day for exercise and for transport and is also an active participant in the morning group exercise classes on the FitLot . Aside from Greenway activities, Derek is also involved with a program called Krewe de Lose, a peer-led group focused on healthy lifestyle changes. Derek says that his favorite part about the Greenway is the plants and the peace that it provides. One of his favorite things about being an ambassador has been learning about the green infrastructure that is on the greenway in the form of bioswales and trees.

He is very excited that the green infrastructure allows the space (the Greenway) to work for us so that we don’t have to deal with much flooding in the future. His ultimate dream for the Greenway is to see more people in his neighborhood involved and using the space, he finds that his work as an Ambassador so far has increased that but not as much as he hopes. If you see Derek on the trail be sure to say hi!