Friends of Lafitte Greenway presents Supernova, a free, 3 night, light art experience highlighting New Orleans artists, musicians, and food in celebration of the Lafitte Greenway community.


Art • Music • Light • Food • Holiday arts market • Community • Fundraising


live music lineup


Volunteer to make the Greenway Supernova Glow


featuring luminary artworks by

Jessica Bizer

The Dohm Collective

Michelle Dinh and Terrall Gilton

Skye Erie

Monique Lorden

Jen Maxted

Stephen Montalvo

Zach Pine

Kris Schmolze

Jacob Zeairs



Permanent Works

Iris of Memory (2020)
William Nemitoff

Iris of Memory is an interactive light art installation recognizing the life and contributions of local artist and teacher Deborah Vorhoff. As viewers draw closer to the flower,  the  light  within  glows  brighter,  providing  a  visual  indication  of  the  power  of  memory to connect us to life, even if their presence is no longer physically with us.


Turning: Prayer wheels for the Mississippi River (2017)
Michel Varisco

Featured in the Prospect.4 Biennial and the first public sculpture to be dedicated on the Greenway, Turning blends social and environmental activism with interactive sculpture, where the history of the land itself is an integral component of the piece. Featuring three, 9 foot, stainless steel “prayer wheels,” visitors can spin the cylinders to emit blue light.



Bubs Nola

The Cooking Therapist

Glizzies By Poppa

Paella Nola

Paw Paw's Donuts

Petite Rouge Coffee Truck


Taco Amigos


Holiday Arts and Craft Market - all three nights!

LED Hula Hoop performers