We are delighted to announce that, effective August 24, 2015, we are changing our name from Friends of Lafitte Corridor to Friends of Lafitte Greenway. As the grand opening of the Lafitte Greenway nears, our new name is a reflection of our renewed commitment to this, now real, public space.


For nine years, we have worked with the community, our members, partners, and public officials to advocate for the preservation of the open green space within the Lafitte Railroad “Corridor”—stretching through nine New Orleans neighborhoods—and its transformation into the “Lafitte Greenway”. Today, that transformation is nearly complete.

Our new brand reinforces our commitment to providing the programs, events, improvements, and advocacy that will make the Lafitte Greenway a vibrant community asset. We believe that by focusing our efforts on supporting the Lafitte Greenway, we will best serve the surrounding Lafitte Corridor neighborhoods. Friends of Lafitte Greenway looks forward to continuing to be your partner in building, programming, and promoting the Greenway as a great public space.

We invite you to visit our new website at www.lafittegreenway.org to get to know our new look. Let us know what you think by emailing [email protected]!

We want to thank Line 58 for their contributions that made this rebranding possible.

Thank you for your continued support!



Sophie Harris
Executive Director
Friends of Lafitte Greenway

Sophie Vorhoff


Executive Director at Friends of Lafitte Corridor