Friends of Lafitte Greenway aiming to expand community programs, safety

Friends of Lafitte Greenway has an abundance of goals for 2017, and most revolve around improving the safety of the greenspace and growing community programs.

The organization held their annual membership meeting Monday night to elect new board members, review 2016 accomplishments and establish goals for the new year. Sophie Harris, executive director, touched on every program and project headed by Friends of Lafitte Greenway and explained how the group plans to expand those programs.

The three biggest goals for 2017, Harris said, revolve around safety and community. Many board members brought up the safety – or lack thereof – of the North Lopez Street bridge, which has been boarded for several years but remains a popular shortcut. Harris said Friends has been working with the city to rebuild the bridge and open more connections across the canal.

Source: Mid-City Messenger

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