On a bright sunny day with few clouds above, about 70 bicycle riders gathered to follow an imaginary drop of rain as it would have moved from high ground to low during a storm in New Orleans. The Water Cycle Bike Tour on Saturday (May 14) was designed to show the flow of street flooding and demonstrate to residents how they can help mitigate the problem.

Hosted by Groundwork New Orleans, a nonprofit group that teaches stormwater management, the riders followed a guided tour lead by Ramiro Diaz of Waggonner & Ball Architects, one of the authors of the Greater New Orleans Urban Water Plan.

Starting at the New Orleans Healing Center on St. Claude Avenue, the riders traveled to the site of the former turning basin for the Basin Street Canal (now an area of asphalt and grass), continued down the Lafitte Greenway to the Sewerage & Water Board's Pump Station No. 7, and then on to City Park, where participants learned about the park's flood-mitigating design features.

Source: nola.com 

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