Friends of Lafitte Greenway works to build, program and promote the Lafitte Greenway as a great public space.


A healthy and vibrant Greenway that connects people to nature, their destinations, and each other.


Friends of Lafitte Greenway formed in early 2006 by New Orleans community members who were concerned about post- Katrina planning, neighborhood revitalization, and open space development and alarmed about short-term political decisions being made without benefit of long-term planning vision. Friends of Lafitte Greenway founders and supporters saw an opportunity to rethink the city's landscape to enhance livability, environmental sustainability, open space equity, and health. Friends of Lafitte Greenway built a network of diverse constituents who shared its vision of preserving the continuous open space in the former Lafitte rail corridor, and developing a greenway amenity that encourages active living, facilitates economic development, and links adjacent neighborhoods, cultural features, historic sites, retail areas and public spaces. 


Friends of Lafitte Greenway is a member-driven organization. A donation in any amount makes you a member of Friends of Lafitte Greenway. Gifts to Friends of Lafitte Greenway are tax deductible within the limits prescribed by law.


Friends of Lafitte Greenway is a 501(c)(3) not-for profit organization. Friends of Lafitte Greenway is incorporated in the state of Louisiana and adopted its bylaws on November 19, 2006. It is was granted 501(c)(3) status by the IRS beginning January 1st, 2008.