become a supernova star

Shine your light at Supernova! Your donation helps the Greenway grow in 2021, and includes...


Doubluminaries to spend at Supernova Star Businesses

Learn where you can spend your Doubluminaries here.


Specialty Drink Tokens

Make a night of your visit to Supernova with tokens to exchange for drinks at supporting bars, breweries and distilleries around the trail: 

Parkway Bakery & Tavern - 538 Hagan Ave

1 spiked frozen lemonade

Second Line Brewing Co. - 433 N Bernadotte St.

1 beer

Seven Three Distilling Co. - 301 N Claiborne Ave.

1 specialty cocktail

Wrong Iron on the Greenway - 3532 Toulouse St.

1 drink (up to $10)

Drink tokens and doubluminaries are redeemable during business' regular hours of operation; and as allowable according to City and State COVID-19 guidance.


A Brand New Design Greenway T-Shirt or Tank

The chance to make the Greenway ShineStar_Levels_-_Supernova-drinks.png

Do you have more to give? You can increase your impact and level of recognition as a Supernova Sponsor. See our Supernova Sponsorship page for more information.



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