What is a greenway?

A greenway is a linear park or open area that encourages recreation and active transportation, typically through bike and pedestrian paths.

What is the Lafitte Corridor?

The Lafitte Corridor consists of the Lafitte Greenway open space and the neighborhoods located within approximately one-quarter mile of the Greenway's footprint. These neighborhoods include portions of the French Quarter, Tremé, Bayou St. John, and Mid-City. 

What is included in the Greenway's build-out, and is it finished?

The Greenway, officially opened in 2015, is a 2.6 mile linear park, stretching from Basin Street in Tremé to the intersection of North Alexander Street and St. Louis Street in Mid-City, 4 blocks past Carrollton Avenue. The Greenway includes a 12-foot wide multi-use path, lighting, over 500 trees, new recreation fields, stormwater management features including bioswales and native meadows, high visibility crosswalks, a new bridge at North Lopez Street, and bike racks.

It is amazing start, but there is still work to be down to accomplish the full vision in the Master Plan. It is up to the community and the City to raise awareness and funds for additional features and amenities. We invite you to help us!

Where did the funding for the Lafitte Greenway's construction come from?

The $9.1 million in funding has been secured by the City largely from federal Disaster Community Development Block Grant (D-CDBG) money from HUD as well as $87,000 that Friends of Lafitte Corridor raised, thanks to the Recreational Trails Program.

What is the Greenway management plan?


The City of New Orleans Department of Parks and Parkways is responsible for maintenance and upkeep of Lafitte Greenway. We thank the City for this commitment to the Greenway's maintenance. 

How do I have a community or sporting event on the new Greenway fields?

It is important that we stay on the path and off the grass surrounding the path as much as possible. The landscaping is still growing in and under contract until the summer of 2016, and until that time, it is important to be gentle on it while the grasses establish and grow. For questions about holding an event on the Lafitte Greenway, please contact the City of New Orleans' One Stop Shop.

Where are the flashing safety beacons on the Greenway?

These flashing safety beacons are located at 5 different intersections on the Greenway: Claiborne, Galvez, Broad, Jefferson Davis, and Carrollton Ave. Press the button at the center of the pole to alert drivers that you are crossing. Please proceed with caution. Drivers are legally required to stop for pedestrians in crosswalks. 

Who do I need to contact if I want to have an event on the Lafitte Greenway?

The Lafitte Greenway is a public space that is managed by the City of New Orleans. All events on the Greenway must be approved by the City. All permits for events in New Orleans can be obtained through the One Stop Shop in City Hall. 

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