As Labor Day draws nearer and the sunset inches earlier, we've concluded our summer Hot Yoga Pop Ups. The six week series brought together over 100 people from around the city to build community, de-stress, and embrace the heat and our inner Zen out on the Greenway.

Though a part of our Get Fit the Green Way series, our Hot Yoga Pop Ups were far more than fitness classes! Here’s our biggest takeaways from this incredible series, told through a few teachings of yoga.

  1. Yoga teaches Unity. Over 100 community members from 10 different neighborhoods came out to this series, our most successful fitness program yet! The Greenway connects six historic and culturally rich communities. It’s through the support of these communities that the Greenway was built, and through their continued connection and unity that the Greenway is developing into a safe, vibrant, and beautiful community asset.
  2. Yoga teaches Strength. In addition to building strong communities, we’re building strong bodies! This Get Fit the Green Way series has strengthened community ties, and left us all feeling a little stronger.
  3. Yoga teaches Gratitude. Most importantly, we’re grateful for the partnerships and support that made this series possible. Big thanks to our partners at FitNOLA and The Ohm Well, and the community members who came out to make this program a success!

Namaste, y’all!

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