Thomas_Jeff.jpgFriends of Lafitte Corridor is pleased to announce the election of our new Board Chair, Jeffrey Thomas. Jeffrey was elected to the chairmanship at the February 23, 2015 board meeting.

Jeffrey has served on FOLC’s Board since January 2013 and is an active member of FOLC’s Planning & Design and Executive committees. He has served as the Interim Vice-Chair since November, 2014.

Jeffrey is principal of Thomas Strategies, LLC a strategic planning firm that facilitates public-private financing, policy, and partnership solutions to spur resilient community and economic development.

 Jeffrey has over fifteen years of legal, public administration, and community development experience, including public- and private-sector projects aimed at increasing community investment in environmental quality, sustainable public infrastructure, neighborhood-scale economic revitalization, renewable energy solutions, and public access and participation in governmental decision-making.

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Sophie Vorhoff


Executive Director at Friends of Lafitte Corridor