Join us at the Lafitte Greenway Plaza and Station for 3 nights of a cosmic community celebration! Supernova showcases light art installations from New Orleans with live music on 2 stages. Enjoy dining from local food vendors and holiday shopping at our art market.


December 7-9, 5-9PM 

436 N. Norman C. Francis Pkwy 


Live Music Lineup




Volunteers are needed for the Preview Party Dec. 6th & Supernova Dec. 7th-9th. Click below to help us shine light on the community during Supernova!



Visual Artists

Photos by Patrick Niddrie

Bayou Blizzard

Brennan Steele

Get ready for a snow-filled adventure in the heart of New Orleans! Our Party Foam Cannon Art Installation is turning the city into a winter wonderland with fluffy foam that looks just like snow illuminated with beautiful winter season projections.

Alligator a Go-Go

Jaime Bird

Enter Alligator a Go-Go, the sole bayou-adjacent disco in town where the disco ball bites back! Cast aside your worries and shed those pesky, earthly burdens as you plunge into a night of sinful delight. Allow yourself to be lured to the dance floor by the hypnotic gaze of our alligator’s shining eyes.

Dream House

Jessica Bizer

Dream House is a fantastical environment, deeply inspired by native vegetation. The space blends the digital and natural world, providing visitors with a dreamlike escape from the everyday and inspiring them with new perspectives within their familiar surroundings.

Pathways of the Past

John Lehon

The Pathways of the Past treasure hunt begins with a projected treasure map that leads guests on a journey to discover 4 pathmakers that illuminate the history of the Lafitte Greenway. As you explore the greenway and follow the trail that points the way, you will be traveling along the trailway, waterway, railway, and greenway that has served many generations over the years. At the end of your adventure, a starlit “treasure” awaits!

Krewe of Vaporwave

Lafitte, the Lucky Leviathan

Max Bernardi

Lafitte, the Lucky Leviathan slithered up from Bayou St John to find a spot in the tall grasses of the Greenway and  enjoy the festivities. The music, laughter and fun really makes this otherworldly critter light up! He is the whimsical notion of artist Max Bernardi to bring some holiday cheer. 

Rest Is A Part of The Work x Ancestors In Reach

Monique Lorden

This immersive and massive light art installation invites you to rest and dream. It welcomes to you reflect and wonder. Each installation stands on its own and works together to challenge and comfort us.

Regal Moth Tea Cart

Philip Cooper

Taking inspiration from the nocturnal wildlife that gathers around porch lights in rural Louisiana, a whimsical glowing Regal moth presides over this exotic environment of light, sound and aroma. Hot tea is shared at a decorative lighted bar. What other mysterious creatures of the night will you find here?


Stephen Montalvo

Moments an interactive projection mapping installation that draws from live video footage of the installation to immerse the viewer into a landscape of visual echoes. The installation is centered around a video projection sourced from the Lafitte Greenway with effects processing that transforms the landscape in real-time into an impressionist painting. Using provided scraps of paper and writing utensils, viewers of the installation are encouraged to write down a significant moment to them, whether it be big or small, and attach it to the board.

Star Seeds

Witching Hour Works

A magnificent star hangs in the sky: a cosmic dancer, waiting for you to dance with her. She beams to light your way. A Little Free Seed Library gleams in the dark, filled with potential and inspiration. Highlighting native flora and the different moons of the Chocktaw tribe, Star Seeds serves as a hub for knowledge and communal sharing, connecting us to the land of the greenway and those who came before, while the star's comforting glow lights the way.  

Walk-way Voices

Zach Pine & Miguel Velasquez

Eight strategically positioned speakers along the Lopez St Bridge sonify an immersive journey from Norman C. Francis Parkway to Rampart St. This interactive exhibit dynamically responds to movement, creating a collage of field recordings that capture the essence of Greenway spaces and the diverse voices of the neighborhood. This sensory exploration of the convergence of urban and natural worlds unveils a unique connection between space, sound, and movement, inviting audiences to become an integral part of this experience.


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