friends of lafitte greenway presents supernova, a free, 3 night, light art experience highlighting new orleans artists, musicians, and food in celebration of the lafitte greenway community.


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featuring 11 luminary artworks 

Join Us and Go Far

Jessica Bizer

 is a site-specific installation that transforms an existing public space into an abundant dreamscape.

This multi-layered environment is formed by the interaction of projections, mixed-media and architecture. It is a constantly shifting landscape, inspired by the persistent overlap between the real and the imaginary worlds.

Viewers are encouraged to become participants in this fluid space, using the site to channel spontaneous movement, rest or contemplation.

About the artist:
Jessica Bizer is a multidisciplinary artist with work centered on immersive projections and mixed-media installation. She is a founding member of the Good Children Gallery, an artist-run space on St. Claude Avenue. Her recent projects include a residency with the New Orleans Arts Council and an installation at the Ogden Museum. She has collaborated with the Milagros collective, the fashion label Altar and musicians such as Quintron and Eve Maret. Bizer is originally from St. Petersburg, FL and is a 2009 graduate of the University of New Orleans MFA program.


The Dohm

The Dohm Collective

The Dohm is a nomadic art & performance installation that for the past 7 years has traveled the continent to provide a home & safe space for radical self expression. It was first constructed in Bayou St. John by New Orleans artists in an effort to unite local creative communities through musical & artistic exploration & interaction.

Michelle Dinh and Terrall Gilton

This series of 12 lanterns illustrates the many rites of passage we experience throughout life. Majorly inspired by maternity and the passage of time, I am hoping to connect with the audiences primal need for support and to feel special. From birth, to first kiss, to marriage and the afterlife, these scenes will illuminate those species moments that we cherish so deeply.


Skye Erie

Exhale is a larger than life illuminated bust of a woman, full of love, where she exhales hearts that turn into butterflies to spread across the world. She is hollow, creating a space for the viewer to interact with her, climbing into her environment. This interaction creates shadows inside of her to external viewers, showing life of other inside of her bust.

Lights Only

Monique Lorden

Lights Only: Rest Is a Part of the Work is an LED illuminated instillation that promotes pause. It urges you to say, I deserve time and space for rest. Rest is a part of the creative process. It allows you to restore your mind and renew your creativity. There are 6 main forms of rest:
1. Time away
2. Connection to art and nature
3. Solitude to recharge
4. Stillness to decompress
5. Safe space
6. Permission to imagine

"Lights Only" is also a think piece for those who connect to its play on words. It urges others to remember where we once were and question if we are still there. It urges others to question injustice in its various forms. It urges all to be the light, sit, rest, and recharge for what is and what needs to be. Rest is a part of the work.

Jen Maxted

The inner glow of the homes represents the inner glow of the people in New Orleans and our warmth and kindness. Gathered together as a group, these houses will light up the natural world around them, reflecting the important role of the Greenway nestled in the heart of Mid City.

Walk this ‘way

Stephen Montalvo

Walk this ‘way, presented for the first time at Supernova in 2021, acts as a living archive for the Lafitte Greenway. New video footage highlighting the current state of the community and business developments will be added to the existing library every year to create an ongoing record of how it, as well as the surrounding communities, change over time. Artist Stephen Montalvo’s interactive work enables viewers within the field of the installation to see their image superimposed in real-time on a projection of video taken from both ends of the Greenway towards the plaza on Norman C. Francis Parkway, to immerse them in the experience of traveling along the length of the park.

Zach Pine

Kris Schmolze

New Orleans has a reputation where whatever seed lands in the soil it almost
always grows. I am exploring what the Lafitte Greenway could become by using traditional parade and house float techniques to create large scale over sized imaginary flora. Ultraviolet lamps illuminate fluorescent painted plants integrated with the bioswale making them glow at night. Imagine the kinds of creatures that can thrive in this environment... are you are one of them?

Gamma Garden

Jacob Zeairs

Gamma Garden is biorhythmic and interactive installation that uses the electrical signals generated by plants to trigger musical notes in relation to whats going on in their environment. Music notes will be generated by the plants as well as human interaction within the space. Patrons will be able to view them selves within the space via a kinect sensor that will also be controlled by the electrical signals produced by the plants.



permanent works

Iris of Memory (2020)
William Nemitoff

Iris of Memory is an interactive light art installation recognizing the life and contributions of local artist and teacher Deborah Vorhoff. As viewers draw closer to the flower,  the  light  within  glows  brighter,  providing  a  visual  indication  of  the  power  of  memory to connect us to life, even if their presence is no longer physically with us.

Turning: Prayer wheels for the Mississippi River (2017)
Michel Varisco

Featured in the Prospect.4 Biennial and the first public sculpture to be dedicated on the Greenway, Turning blends social and environmental activism with interactive sculpture, where the history of the land itself is an integral component of the piece. Featuring three, 9 foot, stainless steel “prayer wheels,” visitors can spin the cylinders to emit blue light.



Bubs Nola

The Cooking Therapist

Glizzies By Poppa

Paella Nola

Paw Paw's Donuts

Petite Rouge Coffee Truck


Taco Amigos


holiday arts and craft market - all three nights!

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