We all love those Po-Boys and jambalaya, crawfish, king cakes, beignets, and bananas foster. I'm salivating even thinking about all those deliciously delectable foods that make the Big Easy so sweet.

There's double meaning when it comes to that sweetness, though. During my time in the Crescent City, eating healthy was one of the biggest challenges I faced - never, ever did I think lard would be so charming and delicious.

As a transplant to New Orleans, I had to look for hidden gems throughout the city to help stay healthy and create a workout routine that also catered to my festival calendar - no easy task. Many people visiting, moving or continuing to live in New Orleans face the same dilemma: How do you stay healthy in the city with the most delicious food? As you cruise the Blues Highway on a road trip down south or head to the French Quarter on a normal weekend at home, keep the following four tips in mind to keep yourself in check (and to keep the conscience clear when you decide to indulge).

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