Position Title: Community Engagement Coordinator

Host Organization: Friends of Lafitte Greenway

Deadline to Apply: June 30, 2019 at ServeLouisiana.org

Service Term: September 1, 2019 - July 31, 2020

Printable Position Description: Download here


In partnership with Serve Louisiana, Friends of Lafitte Greenway is recruiting for an AmeriCorps member to serve as our Community Engagement Coordinator. Corps Members serve full time for 11 months starting September 1st.  Benefits include a living allowance of $14,000, an education award of $6,095, health insurance, student loan forbearance, child care reimbursement, in-depth personal and professional development, and valuable networking opportunities. For more information and to apply, visit servelouisiana.org.    

About Serve Louisiana:

Serve Louisiana partners young leaders with nonprofits for a paid year, helping local organizations improve lives and build stronger communities. As Louisiana's longest-running AmeriCorps program, Serve Louisiana offers young leaders 11-month opportunities to work with community-based organizations to improve the health and lives of South Louisiana families and children. Through progressive, hands-on training, coaching and mentoring, we prepare people to address the real needs facing communities -- poverty, mental health and wellness, education, youth development, environmental preservation -- and help to effect true, long-term change.

About the Corps Member Experience:

Corps members serve 40 hours a week from September 1, 2019-July 31, 2020 with a community-based organization (Friends of Lafitte Greenway) providing capacity-building activities such as volunteer coordination, program development, social media/technology coordination, and community outreach.  Through their partner organization site and through Serve Louisiana, corps members enjoy personal and professional development opportunities, workshops, trainings and extensive networking opportunities.  

About Friends of Lafitte Greenway:

Friends of Lafitte Greenway was formed in early 2006 by New Orleans community members who saw an opportunity to rethink the city’s landscape to enhance livability, environmental sustainability, open space equity, and health. The organization built a network of diverse constituents who shared its vision of preserving the continuous open space in the former Lafitte rail corridor, and developing a greenway amenity that encourages active living, facilitates economic development, and links adjacent neighborhoods, cultural features, historic sites, retail areas, and public spaces.

The Lafitte Greenway opened in November 2015 as a 2.6-mile pedestrian and bike path and linear park, connecting neighborhoods from Armstrong Park to City Park. Used by 300,000 people annually for transportation, recreation, and play--the Lafitte Greenway is the backbone of New Orleans’ growing bike network. Friends of Lafitte Greenway is the City of New Orleans’ official nonprofit partner, working together to program, develop, and steward the Greenway.

Friends of Lafitte Greenway is a community-driven organization, guided by a Board of Directors, its members, over 700 volunteers, and staff. Our mission is to build, program, and promote the Lafitte Greenway as a great public space. Our vision is a healthy and vibrant Greenway that connects people to nature, their destinations, and each other. For more information about Friends of Lafitte Greenway, visit LafitteGreenway.org.

Corps Member Benefits & Service Summary:

+ A full time workload

+ Major Medical Insurance

+ 5 personal days and federal holidays off

+ In-depth personal and professional development

+ $6,095 education award upon graduation, which may be applied to student loans or additional education

+ $14,00 annual living allowance, paid twice monthly

+ Student loan forbearance

+ Child care reimbursement

+ Valuable networking opportunities

Program Mission and/or Goals:

Friends of Lafitte Greenway works in 3 program sectors: Community, Nature, and Transportation. Our goals for each of the sectors are detailed below.

  • Nature - A well maintained ecosystem that is thriving, attractive and sustainable.
    • Nature on the Greenway is beautiful and functional.
    • Community has increased understanding and value of nature on the Greenway
  • People - A community-oriented and highly-used public space.
    • Design, operations, and maintenance serves the community’s needs.
    • Programming engages diverse communities.
    • Community has awareness, access, and ownership of the Greenway.
  • Transportation - A transportation connector that safely links neighborhoods and locations along the Greenway.
    • Accessing the Greenway is safe and convenient.
    • Using the Greenway is safe, easy, and fun.

Community Need:                             

The Lafitte Greenway is a 2.6-mile linear park and trail in the heart of New Orleans. Opened in 2015, the Greenway is the backbone of New Orleans’ growing bike network—a public space used by 300,000 people annually--designed to enhance transportation options, community-building, health and wellness, environmental sustainability and resilience, and equitable community revitalization. In 2018, with extensive community input, Friends of Lafitte Greenway adopted a strategic plan to guide community engagement, programming, and development of the Greenway to ensure that this space accomplishes our vision: a vibrant and healthy public space that connects people to nature, their destinations, and each other. Through community engagement, volunteer management, planning and design, project development, and the creation of arts, cultural, health, and environmental programming, we can realize the community’s vision for this public space.

Member Position Summary:

The Community Engagement Coordinator will recruit, train, and manage Greenway volunteers—including members of advisory committees that steer and support the implementation of programming and projects--as well as event and program volunteers. The member will support community engagement and communications activities including outreach to community groups, and content development and delivery through web, email, social media, and earned media. Guided by public input, the member will work closely with Friends of Lafitte Greenway’s Executive Director and Program Director to plan, produce, and enhance programming and projects on this Greenway, such as arts and cultural events, fitness and environmental programs, and improvements to the built environment. The corps member will assist in our coordinated work with City of New Orleans and the community to develop shared priorities for the Greenway’s development, driving the implementation of the Master Plan and Revitalization Plan through advocacy and public and private partnerships.

Member Impact:

The member will expand community engagement and ownership of the Lafitte Greenway through outreach and communications, volunteer recruitment and management, and through the development and production of programming and projects that meet community needs. These may include arts and cultural programs, environmental programs, and planning and design enhancements. The long-term outcomes of the member’s work will be a public space that enhances community health, wellness, and environmental resilience.

Essential Functions of Position:

  • Volunteer Engagement & Management – Recruit, train, and manage volunteers for programs and events, community outreach, and advisory committees. Coordinate volunteer-driven advisory committees, including setting agendas, developing objectives, scheduling, coordination, and managing action items.
  • Communications & Outreach – Raise community awareness about Lafitte Greenway programming and development through content creation and delivery in the following mediums: email, social media, blog, presentations, person-to-person outreach, and earned media.
  • Program & Project Development – Coordinate the development, implementation, and improvement of Greenway programs and planning and design projects in close coordination with the Program Director, Executive Director, and advisory committee members. Upcoming program activities and projects include arts and cultural programs and installations, bike network enhancements, Greenway trail extension, fitness programming, and environmental improvements.

Required Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office products, Google Apps, and social media.
  • Ability to effectively communicate in both oral and written forms.
  • Self-starter with time management and organizational skills.
  • Trust-builder who can develop and maintain relationships with diverse stakeholders. Ability to communicate respectfully and well with people of all backgrounds.
  • Ability to stand for extended periods of time and to walk 3-miles.
  • Proficiency in Spanish is an asset.

Required Academic and Experience Qualifications:

College degree

Equal Opportunity:
Friends of Lafitte Greenway does not discriminate on the basis of on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, creed, culture, ancestral history, age, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, marital or domestic partner status, physical or mental disability, or AIDS- or HIV-status. All interested applicants are encouraged to apply.

To Apply:
Apply by June 30, 2019 at ServeLouisiana.org

Sophia Vorhoff


Executive Director at Friends of Lafitte Corridor