The Greenway is a community space. Help keep everyone in our community safe by following these tips:


Trail Etiquette:

  • Keep to the right, pass on the left - Keep to the right side of the trail and pass slower trail users on their left, whether walking or biking
  • Call out!  - Give an audible signal, when on a bike, while passing other trail users, by calling “on your left” or sounding your bell.
  • Ride at safe speeds - Trails are a shared space. Ride at safe speeds, especially in crowded areas and around slower users.
  • Observe posted signs Bicycle riders must follow traffic signs, just the same as when riding on the road.
  • Don't block the trail - If you need to stop, always move off the trail so you don't block others from passing.
  • Be alert at intersections - The Greenway crosses several major streets. Be alert at street crossings, and wait until car traffic has come to a complete stop before crossing. Be aware of cars in multiple lanes of traffic.
  • Follow the rules of the road - Cyclists must obey traffic signals and come to a complete stop at stop signs. 
  • Protect your head - Helmets are required for people on bikes under the age of 12, and a smart idea for everyone else.
  • Be bright - Cyclists must use bike lights and reflectors at night - white for the front, red for the back
  • Be predictable - Use hand signals when you are turning and stopping.