Parkway Bakery is greening its parking lot and installing innovative stormwater management systems to prepare for the Greenway's opening directly across the street this summer. 

Jay Nix, Parkway owner (and Friends of Lafitte Corridor Board member), says that "Parkway is going the green way," pun intended. Where the parking lot was once the forgotten back of the building facing a vacant strip of land, it will now be the front yard for people walking and biking the Greenway. Jay want his business to embrace the Greenway, to be green, beautiful, and inviting.

When I stopped by Parkway earlier this week, Jay was out in the Bobcat planting 72 new trees, including 44 Savannah Hollys, 10 Live Oaks, 10 Sweet Olives and 8 Little Gem Magnolias.

The new parking lot will feature a pervious stormwater management parking surface that allows water to infiltrate into the ground, preventing neighborhood flooding from rain. 





Sophie Vorhoff


Executive Director at Friends of Lafitte Corridor