Looking to join the city's pledge to Lenten fitness? Or perhaps the reality of summer fast approaching has you wanting to shed the winter weight. Whatever the reason, you can now get fit for free. Today marks the first of a series of free workout classes at the newly-opened FitLot park near the Lafitte Greenway.

An official ribbon cutting ceremony was held earlier in the week to celebrate the public debut of the What You Give Will Grow FitLot Fitness Park. The central feature of the FitLot park is the structure built of various circut training equipment housed under an open tent-like structure. Every Wednesday from 5:30PM-6:30PM for the next three months will see a FitLot trainer teach circuit training classes making use of the park's equipment.

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New fitness park opens in Fauborg-Lafitte neighborhood

A new fitness park opens in the Fauborg-Lafitte neighborhood. Located at 2200 Lafitte on the Lafitte greenway, FitLot is a uniquely designed park with over 15 pieces of outdoor fitness equipment.

The park is free and open to the public and equipment is suitable for all ages and abilities. There's also a playground located next to it while parents exercise.

After several years of planning, designing and fundraising, the New Orleans based non-profit is excited to have FitLot up and running in the community and hopes to help others build more in the future.

Wednesday, FitLot will host free Workout Wednesday workouts featuring a trainer starting at 5:30 p.m.

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Helping To Grow The Lafitte Greenway!

The Lafitte Greenway is a 2.6-mile bicycle and pedestrian trail and green corridor that connects neighborhoods from Armstrong Park to City Park in New Orleans. The $9.1 million project broke ground in early 2014 and opened in November of 2015. The Lafitte Greenway significantly transformed one of the most historic areas of New Orleans into a multi-use transportation corridor and linear park.

The Greenway includes a 12-foot asphalt path for cyclists and pedestrians, new recreation fields, green space, and landscaping improvements including approximately 500 shade trees, native plant meadows, bioswales and stormwater retention features. The path is fully lit with LED energy-efficient trail lighting and includes curb extensions, signalized high visibility crosswalks, ADA-compliant curb ramps at sidewalk corners, environmental remediation, a crushed stone walking path, and a bicycle and pedestrian roundabout. Many new retail, restaurant, and entertainment options are also popping up along the Lafitte Corridor.

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Some cities work for many years to do what New Orleans has done since 2012.

Almost without the rest of the country noticing, the Big Easy has rapidly become one of the nation's leading cities for bike transportation. About one in 30 local residents now gets to work by bike, double the rate from 2007 and sixth highest rate among large U.S. cities, right between Seattle and Oakland.

The city's new goal is to double its biking rate again over the next three years — in the central neighborhoods where 10 percent or more of residents already bike to work.

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Lafitte Greenway spurring new developments in 2017

NEW ORLEANS (AP) - The Lafitte Greenway carved out a path for New Orleans cyclists and pedestrians through an industrial landscape, winding past warehouses tagged with street art, storage for old stoplights, and vacant lots stretching from downtown to City Park.

But that urban landscape is evolving this year with real estate investors pushing a wave of new development connected to the greenway - including proposals for a patio bar, hundreds of apartments, at least one coffee shop and co-working office space, all with direct access to the path and the possibility of making the 14-month-old park a busier public space.

“The greenway presents a really unique opportunity,” said Mike Sherman, a land use attorney who represents several property owners in the area. “The greenway is only in its infancy. The grand plans in the master plan aren’t yet realized but because it has the basic element of connectivity between neighborhoods, it does present an amenity for both retailers and residents that’s captured the attention of developers.”

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Patio Bar Could Hit Lafitte Greenway This Summer

The trash magnate turned real estate-buying Batman (and maybe would-be mayor) Sidney Torres IV is gearing up for another project along the Lafitte Greenway. The venture capitalist recently submitted a proposal to the City Planning Commission for a bar, according to the Mid-City Messenger.

Located at 501 N. Genois St., the plan calls for a 2,500-square-foot indoor bar with a 900-square-foot mezzanine, and more the 5,000-square feet of outdoor covered and open air seating overlooking the recreational pathway. The bar would also offer off-street parking, bicycle parking, and bike air pump.

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Four new faces join Friends of Lafitte Greenway’s Board of Directors

Friends of Lafitte Greenway’s Board of Directors elected four new faces for the new year and recognized three outgoing members, bringing the total number of board members to 20.

The organization held their annual membership meeting Monday night to elect new board members, review 2016 accomplishments and establish goals for the new year. Jeffrey Thomas, board chair, recognized three outgoing board members – Amy Boyle Collins, Laila Fox and Emily Valentino – before voting in new ones.

“We’re always looking for skill set and expertise to bring to the team who can help up, who can professionalize us,” Thomas said. “We’ve been blessed with a great board every year.”

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Friends of Lafitte Greenway aiming to expand community programs, safety

Friends of Lafitte Greenway has an abundance of goals for 2017, and most revolve around improving the safety of the greenspace and growing community programs.

The organization held their annual membership meeting Monday night to elect new board members, review 2016 accomplishments and establish goals for the new year. Sophie Harris, executive director, touched on every program and project headed by Friends of Lafitte Greenway and explained how the group plans to expand those programs.

The three biggest goals for 2017, Harris said, revolve around safety and community. Many board members brought up the safety – or lack thereof – of the North Lopez Street bridge, which has been boarded for several years but remains a popular shortcut. Harris said Friends has been working with the city to rebuild the bridge and open more connections across the canal.

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Facebook Live from the Lafitte Greenway: Your real estate questions answered Thursday

Bike along the Lafitte Greenway these days, and you'll see evidence of big changes ahead. Demolition is underway to make room for a 382-unit apartment building on the greenway, the biggest of several projects in the works this year.

Nearly 750 people used the Lafitte Greenway every day in 2016, the first full year the 2.6-mile trail was open to cyclists, joggers and walkers, according to a University of New Orleans Transportation Institute study.

Many of the historic neighborhoods lining the greenway have seen a surge in home prices, renovations, new retail and restaurants. Real estate investments are now flowing alongside the greenway stretching from the Treme to City Park.


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Construction for Lafitte Greenway FitLot is underway

Construction workers broke ground on the new FitLot project that will be built on the Lafitte Greenway.

According to its official website, FitLot is a nonprofit organization that help communities build outdoor fitness parks, making cost-free exercising obtainable in communities across the city.

The organization provides fitness tools that use bodyweight resistance, much like the Healthbeats fitness center in City Park.

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