Nonprofit releases aerial photos of $9.1 million Lafitte Greenway under construction

October 30, 2014

Friends of Lafitte Corridor have posted new aerial photos of the Lafitte Greenway, which is about 50 percent complete and scheduled to open in early 2015.


Rendez-vous Interview

October 24, 2014

In our second interview this month, we’ll meet the new and first executive director of Friends of Laffite Corridor (FOLC), Sophie Harris. FOLC is a local nonprofit whose mission is to revitalize the Lafitte Corridor by working to build, program and promote the Lafitte Greenway as a great public space.

Source: Radio NOLA, Alliance Française


Angela Hill: On the Lafitte Corridor

April 09, 2014

Angela finds out the latest developments in the Lafitte Corridor with Sam Spencer, Sophie Harris, and Rev. Dr. Dwight Webster of Friends of Lafitte Corridor.

Source: WWL

New Orleans' Lafitte Greenway needs a management plan soon, parks expert says

April 01, 2014

If the city of New Orleans doesn't have a management plan in place for the $9.1 million Lafitte Greenway, due to open in early 2015, it risks a rocky launch that could leave a negative public image for the corridor, according to an executive with the National Recreation and Parks Association.


City Breaks Ground on Lafitte Greenway (Photos)

March 25, 2014

Mayor Mitch, Jackie Clarkson, and other city officials broke ground today on the long-awaited Lafitte Greenway project.

Source: NOLA Defender

$9.1 million Lafitte Greenway project gets underway, but much work remains, officials say

March 25, 2014

Construction officially got underway Tuesday (March 25) on New Orleans' long-awaited Lafitte Greenway Bicycle and Pedestrian Path, an idea some eight years in the making.


Project to restore Bayou St. John shows new approach to water management in New Orleans

October 4, 2013

Dredging at the mouth of Bayou St. John is nearly complete, with the sediment being used to anchor wetlands that will foster wildlife.

Source: The Lens

Could Dutch-Inspired Designs Answer Storm Water Issues?

July 22, 2013

Unsightly drainage canals, standing water, and streets that flood every time it rains could be a thing of the past if the Greater New Orleans Water Plan is the real deal.

Source: Curbed New Orleans

How Post-Katrina New Orleans Inspired Civic Engagement

February 07, 2013

I recently traveled to the crescent city, New Orleans -- affectionately known as NOLA -- for a conference. Besides the lively music, cultural hybridity, and unforgettable food, what soulfully grasped me was the civic spirit of its resilient residents and newcomers, who all seem to have metaphorically boarded the streetcar named 'rebuild NOLA', in the aftermath of hurricane Katrina that devastated the city in August of 2005.

Source: KCET

Businesses in New Orleans to Benefit From Lafitte Greenway Traffic

April 16, 2012

Bicyclists and joggers aren't the only ones waiting for a three-mile strip running through the center of New Orleans to be developed into the Lafitte Greenway. Neighboring businesses hope to serve residents and tourists using the stretch of park from historic Basin Street and Mid-City to Lakeview.

Source: Huffington Post