NEW ORLEANS (AP) - The Lafitte Greenway carved out a path for New Orleans cyclists and pedestrians through an industrial landscape, winding past warehouses tagged with street art, storage for old stoplights, and vacant lots stretching from downtown to City Park.

But that urban landscape is evolving this year with real estate investors pushing a wave of new development connected to the greenway - including proposals for a patio bar, hundreds of apartments, at least one coffee shop and co-working office space, all with direct access to the path and the possibility of making the 14-month-old park a busier public space.

“The greenway presents a really unique opportunity,” said Mike Sherman, a land use attorney who represents several property owners in the area. “The greenway is only in its infancy. The grand plans in the master plan aren’t yet realized but because it has the basic element of connectivity between neighborhoods, it does present an amenity for both retailers and residents that’s captured the attention of developers.”

Source: The Washington Times

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