Help us support safe and healthy communities along the Lafitte Greenway

Call for board members: 2016-2018 Term

Friends of Lafitte Greenway was formed in early 2006 by New Orleans community members who saw an opportunity to rethink the city's landscape to enhance livability, environmental sustainability, open space equity, and health. The Friends built a network of diverse constituents who shared its vision of preserving the continuous open space in the former Lafitte rail corridor, and developing a greenway amenity that encourages active living, facilitates economic development, and links adjacent neighborhoods, cultural features, historic sites, retail areas and public spaces.

Following the official opening of the 2.6 miles pedestrian and bike path and linear park in November 2015, Friends of Lafitte Greenway continues its mission to revitalize the Lafitte Corridor by working to program and promote the Lafitte Greenway as a great public space.

Friends of Lafitte Greenway is a volunteer, member driven organization guided by a board of directors.

During your 3-year tenure the organization has big plans to:

  • Create a 3-year strategic plan in April 2016 with full board participation
  • Take on increasing steward responsibilities of the Lafitte Greenway
  • Formalize a partnership with the City of New Orleans
  • Increase our membership and revenue
  • Support capital projects on the Greenway, such as community gardens, bike racks, bike fix- it stations, wayfinding signage and many more amenities
  • Grow our education and community engagement programs, such as our Youth Ambassador Safe Routes to School program

We ask that you are willing to work as a team and share ideas openly. Additionally, we seek candidates with any or all of the following attributes:

  • Alignment with Friends of Lafitte Greenway's mission
  • Knowledge of the communities in the Lafitte Greenway Corridor
  • Previous experience serving on a nonprofit board
  • Diversity in age, race, background, areas of expertise
  • Fundraising experience and / or commitment to implementing fundraising strategy
  • Accounting experience
  • Access to diverse political and community networks
  • Ability to commit to serve at least one 3 year term limit

Friends of Lafitte Greenway is committed to community engagement and strives to include a diversity of voices in the process of programming and planning for improvements on the Greenway. We are looking for board members representing a broad range of backgrounds and communities. We encourage all interested persons to apply for this position regardless of race, color, ethnicity, national origin, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, sex, age, or political affiliation.

Availability: Our  board members serve on alternate rotating terms. This 3-year term begins on January 25, 2016. After the first three year term, board members have the option of renewing for a second 3-year term.

Commitment Details: As a volunteer working board, board members commit about 5-15 hours per month on tasks such as attending board meetings (7 per year), participation on at least one committee (committees include: fundraising, planning & design, growing the greenway, community engagement & event planning). Attendance at occasional events such as Member Happy Hours at businesses along the Greenway is encouraged. Other responsibilities include bringing your networking resources and becoming a champion of our shared cause. Additionally, a chief responsibility of our board members is to ensure the long term financial sustainability of the organization. As such, board members are asked to collectively make a pledge of securing annually a minimum of $15,000 (or approximately $1,000 per person) through a combination of personal donations and other fundraising strategies (such as recruiting new members and assisting with donor cultivation).

Benefits: We are an all-volunteer board. Benefits of joining the board of directors include: giving back to the community while gaining excellent experience working hand-in-hand with like-minded folks, being part of shaping the future of a world-class Greenway, becoming familiar with current urban planning issues in New Orleans, and and networking with local civic leaders.

To apply for this position: Please submit a letter-of-interest and resume or equivalent to the nominating committee at [email protected] by Wednesday January 6th.   

Please Share! Do you know somebody passionate about the Lafitte Greenway who would be a good candidate? Send them this announcement. We are looking for board members representing a broad range of backgrounds and communities.

Mary Matthews


Political Economist/ Urbanist- Making New Orleans a more livable and sustainable city for all who call it home.