To advocate for and create community gardens along the Lafitte Greenway, which will improve health outcomes of local residents, strengthen neighborhood bonds, support environmental stewardship education, and foster economic growth in the Lafitte Corridor.



To improve community health and vitality:
  • Physically: by increasing access to fresh fruits and vegetables, providing educational classes for all ages on nutrition and sustainable growing practices, and increasing opportunities for physical activity.
  • Socially and Culturally: by creating a space for families and neighbors to come together to exchange ideas and share traditions while acknowledging the history of gardening on the land, fostering multi-generational relationships, creating opportunities for local residents of all ages and ethnicities, displaying community assets, and reclaiming the native food culture.
  • Environmentally: by planting native species, utilizing good storm water management practices, growing produce sustainably, recapturing food waste, creating a space for biodiversity to naturally flourish, and creating environmental stewards through education and practice.
  • Economically: by creating new economic opportunities for Lafitte Corridor residents, supporting the development of a sustainable local food system, improving community resilience, and improving food security for Lafitte Corridor residents.


On May 27-28, 2015 Friends of Lafitte Greenway and partners hosted the Local Foods Local Places Workshop. Over 80 residents and stakeholders gave their ideas to develop a Strategic Action Plan to increase access to healthy local foods in the Lafitte Corridor. We are pleased to present Building Our Local Food Economy: A Strategic Action Plan for the Lafitte Corridor, a community-based plan to advocate for and create community gardens along the Lafitte Greenway, available for download below.


Strategic Action Plan 

Appendix D - Workshop Participants- Available on request

Click here to download the entire plan via Dropbox.



Growing the Greenway Action Committee

The Strategic Action Plan calls for developing an Action Committee of community members, growers, and other stakeholders, to carry forward the mission and vision by developing strategies for the design, management, programming, and funding of community gardening and urban farming initiatives on the Lafitte Greenway.

Meeting Notes

Click here to review the committee's notes.

Click here to see upcoming meeting dates.

Other Resources:

Sustainability Plan Breakdowns

Design Elements

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  • Patty Mattos
    commented 2017-08-10 15:43:55 -0500
    Very good initiative, is a way to help both the environment and the next, my aunt lives on greenway and she speaks very well of their neighborhood. I admire and tell you that you need this a lot in my city. #life #people #nice