There’s so much to see on the Greenway. Enjoy the last few weeks of summer with a bike ride down the trail. 


 Bicycle - Free transport icons 1. First stop, “Shine Together” Mural at the  Greenway Basketball Court 


Pictured: BElite artists, community leader Jalen Gray, Pelicans player Jaxson Hayes, Derek Curry with Sneaker Politics

Start your ride by visiting the new, vibrant mural on the Greenway basketball court, 1971 St. Louis Street. The “Shine Together” mural was created by BElite youth artists and showcases community and togetherness. On August 20th, the mural was unveiled with a community celebration. Learn more about the Shine Together mural project here.

 Bicycle - Free transport icons 2. Second stop, Greenway meadows

The Greenway meadows have started to bloom at the Greenway Great Lawn, between N. Galvez and N. Prieur, planted by our partners at SPROUT NOLA. Look closely and you’ll be able to spot the sunflowers and sunn hemp peeking through. The initial planting is a cover crop, planted to outpace weed seeds, and prepare the soil ahead of the fall meadow planting. These flowers are putting nutrients back in the soil!

Thank you to the Coypu Foundation Trust established by John S. McIlhenny for their support of our lovely meadows.

The Greenway was featured in this month's issue of the Landscape Architecture Magazine. The magazine touched on the history of the Greenway as well as the Greenway Grow! Initiative plan to plant 1000 cypress trees along the trail, plant pollinator meadows, and care for our green infrastructure. 

Greenway GROW! also proposes specific projects to address area residents’ concerns and ultimately lessen the maintenance the city will have to do. Planting the 1,000 water-guzzling cypress trees, for instance, will create forested areas that will reduce mowing, soak up excess water, add shade, provide habitat for wildlife, and restore parts of the site to something like the cypress swamp it was before it was clear-cut.”

Source: Landscape Architecture Magazine


3. Third stop, Bike pump break

Air feeling a little low in your bike tires? We have just installed two new bike pumps along the Greenway for you to use. Cyclists are now able to fill their tires at the fitness park on N. Prieur St. or at the Norman C. Francis Pkwy roundabout. Thank you to New Orleans Social Ride for their support.


Bicycle - Free transport icons 4. Fourth stop, new signs

On your ride, you may have noticed our new signs created by our 2021 Greenway Ambassadors. These signs posted along the trail display fun facts about the history and nature on the Greenway. The Greenway Ambassadors led the effort to create the fun and useful content you see on the trail now. Even more historic and interpretive signage is coming to the Greenway shortly -- keep your eyes peeled.


Read a deep dive on the history of the Lafitte Greenway by Tulane geographer, Richard Campanella.



Bicycle - Free transport icons 5. Final stop, stretch it out at Hot Yoga

Join us for our last Hot Yoga class with The Ohm Well this summer, August 29th, 6PM on the Greenway Great Lawn. RSVP here


We’re gearing up for our fall series, September 12 to November 14th. Enjoy 3 classes a week and a Blue Bikes code for every class you attend. Visit for the latest updates here. 


Thank you to the Greater New Orleans Foundation and Healthy Blue for their support. 


Bicycle - Free transport icons 

See you on the Greenway!


Greenway Supernova is back this year! We're looking for great art vendors and food vendors to highlight at Supernova. Please spread the word to your favorite pop ups.

December 8-10


Greenway Plaza and Station

436 N. Norman C. Francis Pkwy

We're looking forward to a bigger and better Supernova in partnership with the New Orleans Tourism and Cultural Fund. 


In case you missed it, see the BElite youth artists cut the ribbon on the new basketball court mural:

Thank you to our generous sponsors