Video Source: WWLTV

New emergency call boxes will soon span the length of the Greenway. The City of New Orleans is installing 18 emergency call boxes and 71 public safety cameras, monitored by the New Orleans Office of Homeland Security, along the length of the trail. The call boxes are located on the lamp posts with blue lights that are labeled “Emergency.” These boxes join NORD’s Grounds Patrol officers-- Rob and Virgil, who walk and ride the Greenway daily-- in working to keep Greenway users safe.

How to use the Greenway's Emergency call boxes

Only use call boxes in case of a true emergency.

  1. Press the button. The camera will turn on and you will be connected to a dispatcher, who will see and hear you through the camera and microphone embedded in the call box. You will hear them through the speaker.
  2. State your emergency. The dispatcher will connect you to the appropriate response team, NOPD or the NORD Grounds Patrol.

Friends of Lafitte Greenway thanks the City of New Orleans, NORD, and the Office of Homeland Security for their proactive work to ensure that the Greenway is a safe transportation route for people on foot and on bike at all hours. We believe that the number one way to keep the Greenway safe is for many people to use it. As over 320,000 users travel the Greenway each year, and trail use continues to grow by approximately 10% per year, these new security measures put additional tools in place to respond to emergencies.

 For more information about the Greenway’s security system, watch WWLTV’s report here.