Art projects added to Lafitte Greenway and trash abatement program underway, councilmembers say

Councilwoman Susan Guidry and Councilwoman Latoya Cantrell updated Mid-City businesses on multiple projects going in the area at the Greater Mid-City Business Association luncheon held on Tuesday, including an art project in the Lafitte Greenway and a trash abatement program initiated by City Council.

Guidry announced that the city has already begun to add amenities to the Lafitte Greenway, the 2.6-mile bike and pedestrian path and park that extends from the French Quarter to Mid-City.

“We collaborated with the Arts Council and have awarded $25,000 for an art project that will go up at the Jeff Davis neutral ground,” Guidry said, adding that a second art project will be on Broad Street.

Source: Mid-City Messenger

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